The discovery of the legendary Roman mythological island of Baltia was revealed yesterday in a short press statement in London. It was thought the island of Baltia was a purely mythology place which was descried in "Natural History" by Pliny the Elder as a place that "upon the shores of which, amber is thrown up by the waves in spring, it being an excretion of the sea in a concrete form. Today Baltia has a totally different landscape. Only spotted by various satellites and occasionally on Google earth. Its seems to be an amalgamation of computer signals, Wi-Fi, and internet residue carried north across the globe by high winds to gather in Northern Europe at a point in the Baltic sea. As yet no person has set foot upon this island although there’s has been a large collection of media coming from the land, which seems to indicate that this is a place of unwanted, abandon, and ostracised material, which is gathering and mixing upon the beaches and in the forest of this island. Dr Zamyatin of the W.E institute has commented “It seems to a place where the leftover and forgotten parts of the internet seem to dwell and cross over into reality to produce a land of ultimate simulation and subversion of our known world, of which parallels are distinguishable but are presented in a such a way to be on one hand demonic and the other almost poetic”. The sovereignty of the island is still in question; a strong Russia claim has been a laid on the island with the Russians sending navy vessels to the Baltic Sea in search of the island but has so far been unsuccessful. The Norwegian and British governments are also rumoured also to be in contention.